HR Leaders Berlin Event: Leading Successfully in Times of Change

HRLeadersBerlin-MNew approaches in Leadership: Leading Successfully in Times of Change

Hosted by HR Leaders Berlin

There is no organisation, which has not yet been confronted with CHANGE – we live in a dynamic and competitive world. Change is everywhere and unavoidable. Why is it then, that more than 50% of change initiatives fail as a result of either employee resistance or poor execution.

Every organisation is unique, has it’s own standardised concepts and individual best practice methods. Moreover, the expectations and demands placed on leadership have changed dramatically. Constantly evolving trends, knowledge based work and highly communicative networks define the workplace today. Employees desire individual empowerment and want meaningful, self-directed tasks.  Previously known, widely accepted and applied leadership concepts that might have worked well in the past simply are not applicable today.

In order to cope in a VUCA-World and to lead successfully in times of change, we must shift our attitude and mind-set toward effective leadership and management of both people and organisations.

The Solution-Focused Leadership Model offers a helpful and pragmatic alternative. It merges the research knowledge of many scientific disciplines into a completely new approach: The solution to a complex problem is no longer sought through complex models, but rather forged on the path to “Simplicity”.

The only question that remains is HOW?! How to deal with change successfully and how to lead people and organisations successfully?

The topics of the interactive presentation are:

  • What are the most common reasons for failure of change management?
  • What are the requirements for successful change leadership?
  • What are the innovative tools, which help you to lead change in the organisation?
  • Why do attitude and mindset play such a crucial role?



18:30-19:00    Get-together

19:00-20:30   Interactive Presentation and Discussion

20:30-end      Networking



Ingo Schmökel, Leadership Coach (ACC) and organisational developer, provides innovative approaches to leadership and management. He supports people and businesses to operate successfully in a dynamic world. His experience as a TV station co-founder and CMO as well as his leadership experience in strategic brand communication and architecture is the foundation of his practical approach.